Imaging Accessories

Imaging chambers and Nose Cone Manifolds for a plurality of Optical Systems including the Bruker Xtreme, IVIS series, and any other.

  • Shown with optional 3XL manifold

    Wash Station (for use with Equaflow 3XL)

    The Wash Station is intended for use with the optional Equaflow 3XL manifold (shown in photo above on top of the wash station) to wash rodents for imaging preparation.  Typical…

  • Click for larger image

    EquaFlow Manifold

    How to choose your anesthesia system - PDF Shown below with Magnetic Plate EquaFlow Manifold EquaFlow manifolds solve three of the classic problems associated with anesthesia delivery. First, the EquaFlow utilizes…

  • Bruker Chamber combo pic w eq5

    Bruker Imaging/Isolation Chamber

    How to choose your anesthesia system - PDF Patterson Scientific’s five-mouse Imaging Chamber is designed for use with the Bruker Optical Imaging System. This lab animal anesthesia Imaging Chamber is sealed…

  • Imaging Chamber Open

    Imaging Chamber

    How to choose your anesthesia system - PDF 5 Mouse Imaging Chamber – 78919969 3 Mouse Imaging Chamber – 78920341 (same size chamber as 5 mouse) Patterson Scientific’s five-mouse or three-mouse…