Gas Delivery Systems


  • CPRAMCircuitPhoto

    72″ Bain Style Non-Rebreathing Circuit (CPRAM)

    72″ Bain Style Non-Rebreathing Circuit (CPRAM) 78918187 Used with the 78914012 Bain Style Non-Rebreathing Circuit Block Bain Style Non-Rebreathing Circuit Block Brochure  

  • Uniflow w plate

    Uniflow Single Mouse/Rat Manifold

      Uniflow Single Mouse/Rat Manifold The Uniflow NRB is used with in-house vacuum or the EVAC 4(link below)to greatly reduce waste anesthetic gases from the workplace. Size will accommodate mice…

  • Equaflow 3 and 5 no plate copy

    EquaFlow Manifold

    Shown below with Magnetic Plate EquaFlow Manifold EquaFlow manifolds solve three of the classic problems associated with anesthesia delivery. First, the EquaFlow utilizes a hyperbranching architecture to deliver equal gas…

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    Mapleson – D Non-Rebreathing System

    Mapleson-D – 78909636 Designed for minimum mechanical dead space when used with research anesthesia nosecones or face masks, the Mapleson-D non-rebreathing system is suitable for use with rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs and…

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    Rodent Face Masks

    Rodent Face Masks Rodent face masks are made from clear acrylic and fit all non-rebreathing anesthesia systems. This anesthesia delivery system is designed for use with the Mapleson-D style nonrebreathing…

  • PosiVac Family

    Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System

    Click on image to see incisor bar detail.   Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System The Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System is used with an in-house vacuum to greatly reduce waste anesthetic gases from the workplace.…

  • 5-17-12_0140

    Universal Rodent Nosecone Non-Rebreathing System

    Universal Rodent Nosecone NRB System – 78909584 Includes a Mapleson-D type body and lab animal anesthesia nosecone for use with rodents up to 275 grams. For larger rodents other sizes are…

  • Rat Taxic


    The Rat-Taxic effectively delivers fresh gas to the subject and removes waste anesthetic when used with an in-house vacuum system such as the EVAC-4. The Rat-Taxic anesthesia delivery system: Will…

  • Color coded tape

    Dual/Tri Diverter Manifolds

    Dual Diverter Manifold – 78914724 Tri Diverter Manifold – 78914725   The Dual or Tri Diverter Manifold allows the user to operate 2 or 3 devices (i.e., an induction chamber…

  • mip_0202

    Dual Diverter Valve System

    Dual Diverter Valve System – 78914723 The Dual Diverter Valve System is an economical way for the user to control the flow of anesthetic between two devices (i.e., induction chamber…