Workstations and Temp Therapy

  • Pro Station White

    ProStation Heated Workstation

    How to choose your anesthesia system - PDF ProStation™ – 78914731 This compact rodent workstation (3/4″ High x 5″ Wide x 13″ Deep) incorporates features that make it a valuable lab…

  • Imaging Chamber Open

    Imaging Chamber

    How to choose your anesthesia system - PDF 5 Mouse Imaging Chamber – 78919969 3 Mouse Imaging Chamber – 78920341 (same size chamber as 5 mouse) Patterson Scientific’s five-mouse or three-mouse…

  • HTP1500

    Heat Therapy Pump HTP-1500

    Adroit Medical HTP-1500 For use with other research anesthesia products like the ProStation rodent workstation Features of the Heat Therapy Pump HTP-1500: Warm water therapy pump that utilizes tap water! 3…