EquaFlow Manifold

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Shown below with Magnetic Plate
  • EquaFlow Manifold

    EquaFlow manifolds solve three of the classic problems associated with anesthesia delivery. First, the EquaFlow utilizes a hyperbranching architecture to deliver equal gas to each nose cone to prevent unwanted animals awakening. Second, the EquaFlow incorporates a vacuum ring at the edge to the nose cone pocket to scavenge 99.99% of waste gas before it can escape. Finally, the EquaFlow dramatically enhances animal ergonomics because they receive anesthetic gas while laying flat on the imaging or benchtop surface. These manifolds can be used in the prep area outside an optical imaging station, in our 3 or 5 mouse sealed imaging chambers for Bruker or Perkin Elmer, or inside a given imaging system as a stand alone manifold.

    Greatly Reduces Exposure to WAG’s

    Each port(nose cone) has its own WAG scavenging, when properly used this greatly reduces the risk of gas exposure to the user. The EquaFlow manifold works with the EVAC-4 WAG management device, or attenuated in-house vacuum. Diffuser plate in each port of the EquaFlow eliminates the necessity to “plug” an empty nose cone.

    No Backround Signal

    The EquaFlow manifolds are 3-D printed from non autoluminesce black nylon.

    Magnetic Placement

    The Equaflow manifolds base is imbedded with magnets which hold it securely on the black matte steel plate(included). Also black matte dividers are provided as well to greatly reduce reflective signals from one mouse to another.

    • 5 Station – 78919268
    • 3 IVIS – (Smaller FOV IVIS) – 78919271
    • 3XL – (Larger FOV IVIS) – 78919266
    • Rat – (Diagonal for Large Rat) – 78919270
    • Product Warranty 2 Years

Equaflow Manifold Brochure
Equaflow M-5 Fog Test
Equaflow 5 mouse fog test video 1 – Youtube link
Equaflow 5 mouse fog test video 2 – Youtube link
Equaflow Manifolds Images/In Use


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