Link 7 Anesthesia & Evacuation all in one System

How to choose your anesthesia system – PDF


An all inclusive, simple and effective Inhalant Anesthesia System (SAS3 and EVAC4)

This all-inclusive research anesthesia system features:

  • No flowmeters to adjust. Flip a toggle switch to “on” to start flow of fresh gas, indicator confirms flow
  • 3 stations for anesthesia with preset flow rate for any station (500cc-5 LPM)
  • Color coded tubing and connector to help user identify which fresh gas supply tubing goes to which station
  • Pressure gauge to let user know when pressure has been released from system for filling of vaporizer.
  • Generates a 50 LPM negative flow that can be attenuated to appropriate levels and divided between 3 stations.
  • Has a direct vacuum port for use with Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction Chamber
  • Adjustable negative flow meters easily activated with toggle switches.
  • Waste anesthetic gases can be discharged into activated charcoal canister or any non re-circulating hood, vent, downdraft/ back draft system or snorkel.
  • Available without negative flow generating pump- can then be used to attenuate active, in-house vacuum source.
  • Designed for use with the Posi-vac Non-Rebreathing system, Vapor-Vac hooded induction chamber, Stereotaxic nose cone or SCOOP, 3EX Vaporizer. (not included)
  • Product Warranty 5 Years

Benefits: Higher Throughput
Intuitive system- easy to operate, precise, safe flow rate for fresh gas
Healthy for subjects- less morbidity, less mortality

Ordering Information

  • 78915712 Link 7 O2 Anesthesia & Evacuation all-in-one System – US
  • 78919043 Link 7 Medical Air Anesthesia & Evacuation all-in-one System – US
  • 78926602 Link 7 O2 Anesthesia & Evacuation all-in-one System – International
  • 78926603 Link 7 Medical Air Anesthesia & Evacuation all-in-one System – International

Optional Components

3EX Vaporizer 78916953, 78916954
Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction Chamber 78917760
Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System 78914730, 078914728, 078914729


Dual E-tank cylinder manifold with regulator – 78912526

Link 7 System Product Brochure – PDF
Link 7 Operations Manual – PDF


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