Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System

PosiVac 07-8914729 Large Rat Click on image to see incisor bar detail.


How to choose your anesthesia system – PDF

Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System

The Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System is used with an in-house vacuum to greatly reduce waste anesthetic gases from the workplace. It includes a Mapleson-D style body, lab animal anesthesia nosecone with incisor bar and waste anesthetic gas collecting shroud. The Posi-Vac Non-Rebreathing System comes in three sizes and each of the nosecone / shroud on the Mapleson-D style body. Each size also has incisor bar (non-ferrous)

    • Posi-Vac Extra Small – 78914730

Shroud 3/4″ Nosecone 7/16″

    • Posi-Vac Small – 78914728

Shroud 1″ Nosecone 3/4″

    • Posi-Vac Large – 78914729

Shroud 1 1/2″ Nosecone 1 1/4″

  • Product Warranty 1 Year


POSI-VAC NRB SYSTEM – User Instructions


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