Precision Vaporizers – NEW TEC 3EX

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Patterson Scientific offers new precision flow-rate and temperature compensated vaporizers to compliment our anesthesia systems. The new Tec 3EX is an extended capacity (250cc) vaporizer that has a 10 year warranty contingent upon a 2 year service cycle.  Larger capacity for liquid anesthetic means filling the vaporizer less often which, in turn, reduces exposure to anesthetic gases. Both Isoflurane vaporizers and Sevoflurane vaporizers with either funnel fill or pin index/key fill systems are available.

Tec 3 EX Isoflurane Standard Fill 78703592

Tec 3 EX Isoflurane Key Fill  78703584

Tec 3 EX Sevoflurane Standard Fill 78703618

Tec 3 EX Sevoflurane Key Fill 78703600

  • Product Warranty 10 Years w/2 Year Service Cycle

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