ProStation Heated Workstation

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ProStation™ – 78914731


This compact rodent workstation (3/4″ High x 5″ Wide x 13″ Deep) incorporates features that make it a valuable lab animal product for investigators. The work surface is heated via warm water. The ProStation™ also includes a downdraft anesthetic gas evacuation area. Warm water is circulated through the ProStation™ using any warm water heat source currently available, such as the HTP-1500 Heat Therapy Pump. The ProStation™ comes with colder quick disconnect fittings.

ProStation™ works with non-rebreathing systems such as the Universal Rodent Nosecone Non-Rebreathing System and also will accommodate other commonly available non-rebreathing systems. No special adapters or hardware is required. Restraint attachment points are located around the perimeter of the ProStation™ work surface to accommodate a variety of restraint options. The material used in the construction of the ProStation™ is thermally conductive. But, unlike stainless steel, it will not draw body heat away from the subject. The ProStation™ is impervious and non-reactive to most disinfectants, and may be run through commercial cage washing systems or autoclaves.

Also available as a “Kit” which includes the Prostation, 078909584 Universal Rodent NRB System, 78909636 Mapleson D, 78909681 Rodent Facemask Small, 78909682 Rodent Facemask Medium, connections, and tubing – – Order 78929963

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