Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction Chamber

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Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction Chamber

The Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction Chamber works with active vacuum waste gas management systems by allowing room air to be drawn into the waste anesthetic collection system as well as the waste gases from the induction chamber. If room air is not allowed to be pulled into the waste collection system, the vacuum will pull most of the fresh anesthetic gas out of the induction chamber before the animal is able to be anesthetized. The Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction chamber has a slide top style lid which reduces exposure to waste anesthetic gases compared to lift style lid induction chambers. Our Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction Chamber is constructed out of durable polycarbonate plastic. Unlike research anesthesia induction chambers made out of acrylic, these chambers are shatter resistant and will not break down when exposed to harsh cleaning agents.

Vacuum (from either in-house vacuum or the EVAC 4) is applied to the EVAC fitting on the back of the HOOD of the Hooded Induction Chamber.

A minimum 30 LPM negative flow creates a laminar flow pulling in room air and drawing it over the release holes in the top rear of the slide top of the Induction Chamber.

The release holes in the slide top are located just under the vacuum fitting in the back panel of the hood of the induction chamber.

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